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Garden Gal ceased trading in 2019 after five very enjoyable years. Thank you to all the customers who made my gardening work so enjoyable. 

I have owned this domain continuously since 2013 as it was originally intended to be a gardening blog but somehow ended up being so much more of my life! There are now multiple variants of this domain in existence (let's face it, Garden Gal is hardly original), so this domain is now for sale. Any interested parties should contact me at anna at gardengal dot co dot uk. The logo and leaf motif remain my IP as below.

In accordance with GDPR rules, any remaining client data will be destroyed. Photographs, drawings and other media generated on behalf of clients as part of the business will be destroyed. Photographs, drawings and other media inspired by the business will be retained under intellectual property rights.

To the people who keep emailing me to ask if I want my website redesigned, no. I have no need of it. Please bugger off.